The Dust that Accumulates: »Jonathan Burrows, Paula Scheschonka & »Olia Lialina

How do our bodies negotiate spaces in these new times? Jennifer Walshe talks with the renowned choreographer Jonathan Burrows about how to develop physical work over Zoom; with HMDK Mediensprechen student Paula Scheschonka about all things voice and speaking through a mask; and with Olia Lialina, net artist and Professor of New Media at the Merz Akademie, about finding joy in life online.

Read about Paula Scheschonka’s Kunst Lotterie performances »here.

In October, »Elaine Mitchener & »Laure M. Hiendl arrived in Donaueschingen, days before what should have been the premiere of Elaine’s project On Being Human as Praxis, only to find the festival was cancelled. Jennifer Walshe speaks with Elaine and Laura about adjusting expectations, how they found inspiration in the writings of feminist cultural theorist Sylvia Winter, and collaborating across timezones.

Listen to Laure M. Hiendl’s “White Radiance (The Brand Name)” from On Being Human as Praxis, performed by Elaine Mitchener »here.


Wie wirkt sich Corona auf Theater und Schauspielausbildung aus? Kann man sich internationalisieren, ohne ständig zu reisen und was können wir gerade jetzt vom Theater lernen? Über diese und weitere Fragen spricht Judith Siegmund mit Frederik Zeugke. Frederik arbeitet an der HMDK Stuttgart im Bereich Schauspiel und ist verantwortlich für Theorie des Theaters und Dramaturgie.

Wie können wir Kunst machen und Ausstellen während der Pandemie? Welche Chancen ergeben sich aus einer Ausstellung im öffentlichen und digitalen Raum? Wie gehen wir mit Zweifel um und wie fühlt es sich an, mit Kunst zu schlafen?
Über diese und weitere Fragen spricht Gabriel Hensche mit den Studierenden Julia Schmutz, Rebecca Thrum, Evangelia Ntouni und Clarissa Kassai, die mit ihren Arbeiten beim diesjährigen Rundgang vertreten sind.

Infos zum Rundgang und den Gästen gibt es »hier.

This week, Jennifer Walshe talks to the philosopher Timothy Morton about their thoughts on the pandemic, and how it intersects with a wide range of topics including climate change, “care wear” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Tim is the Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University, in Houston, Texas, and the author of many books including Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World; Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality and most recently Being Ecological. Tim has collaborated with many artists and musicians including Olafur Eliasson, Laurie Anderson and Björk. Full disclosure: Tim and Jen collaborated on an opera called TIME TIME TIME last year.

Follow Tim »here or read more of his work on his blog »here

Cancelled gigs, closed universities, stranded students – how do we keep making music in challenging times? Jennifer Walshe speaks to »Andra Darzins, professor of viola at the University of Music and the Performing Arts, about the pros and cons of teaching online; »Jana Luksts, a pianist and MA student who is currently stranded in NYC and meditating on what a slow-down might bring to music; and Thomas Schäfer, the director of the Internationales Musikintitut Darmstadt, who had to take the unprecedented decision to cancel this year’s Summer Courses.

Read the IMD’s official statement on the postponement »here.


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