Di, 25.06.2019  | 13:00–17:30 | HMDK Stuttgart | Raum: 11.06
Mi, 26.06.2019 | 13:00–17:30 | HMDK Stuttgart | Raum: 11.06

Approaching sound, not as pressure waves that travel through a medium, but rather as events in which a surrounding medium is disturbed, a 2-day workshop will guide us to reflect, conceptualize and produce ideas exploring visual properties of vibration in an exhibition format.

The program aims to question and search for aesthetic outcomes, discussing and analyzing fundamental aspects of contemporary culture and the ethics behind the artistic practice. In so doing, through a visitation of historical references from the post-conceptual periods and the development of new technologies, the reflection, collective participation, and individual decisions will guide us to an extension of our perception of vibration in the visual domain.

During these days we will analyze and discuss the work of artists like Allora and Calzadilla, Anri Sala, Susan Philipsz, Santiago Sierra, Artur Żmijewski, Douglas Gordon, Rudolf Eb.Er, Philippe Parreno, JUNKO, Anne Imhof, Yann Leguay, RYBN.ORG, Raviv Ganchrow, Martin Howse, DEFLAG HAEMORRHAGE/HAIEN KONTRA, Rachel Valdés, Maryanne Amacher, between many others. More information on Mario de Vega’s »website

»  Spatial Hearing.
»  Auditory Perception.
»  Sound as Political Force.
»  Artwork vs Document: An Ambivalence.
»  Resounding Formats.
»  Aural activity and visual representation.
»  Sound as Printed Matter.
»  Formats: The Conflict of decision making.
»  Editions and Multiples.
»  Sonic Bodies.
»  Silence and Saturation.
»  Reduction and Simplification.
»  Untitled: The Concrete and the Metaphor.

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